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FCS Group has extensive industry experience in the Design, Construction and Commissioning of Floating Assets, in particular FPSO’s. Starting in 1995 with the Construction and Commissioning Management of the FPSO Foinaven Conversion Project, closely followed by the new build FPSO Texaco Captain, through to today with Brownfield Support delivered on the FPSO Greater Plutonio and FPSO PSVM, FCS Group has been an ever present in the Construction, Conversion, Refurbishment, Repair Orders, Minor Modifications, Outages and Turnarounds of FPSOs.

In addition to FPSOs, FCS Group have major Project involvement with FSO, FSU, FLNG, FLRSU, LNG Regasification, Drill ships, Jack ups, and Drilling and Production Semi-submersibles.

Our experience and meticulous attention to detail have made us synonymous with successful Project Delivery.

Floating Assets


In addition to our work in the floating sector, FCS Group also has extensive experience in Fixed Platforms Projects. From our Construction and Commissioning experience on Projects such as the Britannia Jacket, Jackets, Topsides, Riser Platforms and Gas Compression Units for with Dragados Offshore for Pemex, through to the Galata Platform in the Black Sea with Petreco Sarl, FCS Group has worked with many of the Major Oil Producers to ensure seamless Construction & Commissioning through to Start-up and Early Operations.

Fixed Offshore Assets


Our end-to-end Repair Order, Minor Modification, Outage and Turnaround (TAR) experience is also industry leading in successful Completion and Start up.

Our Teams have been involved in a multitude of events, onshore and offshore, both fixed and floating assets. This includes but is not limited to several Onshore Facilities in Libya and Oman, several BioEnergy Facilities mainland UK, several major FPSOs offshore West Africa and the North Sea, and fixed platforms in the North Sea.


Through meticulous scope and schedule and optimisation reviews, planning, scheduling, Front End Loading, Work Pack development, Procurement and Logistics of all materials and equipment, lift plans, through to mobilisation and Execution Teams, FCS Group has consistently delivered (including through the most challenging of times such as Covid), providing for early or on time start up for our Clients. 


End-to-end services provided:

  • Outage and TAR Assurance

  • Scope and Schedule Optimisation Reviews

  • Management

  • Operations

  • Planning

  • Scheduling 

  • Procurement

  • Logistics

  • Lift planning

  • Execution

  • Lessons Learned and Improvement Plans



FCS Group personnel have also been involved in numerous Onshore Projects covering Engineering, Construction and Commissioning Management, through to Operations, Maintenance, Outage and TAR’s across the globe. From 1997 – 2010 FCS Group provided support to Repsol Libya for the NC-115 and NC-186 & IR Fields consisting of the Gas and Oil Separation Plants (NC-115 capacity of 200,000 bbls, and NC-186 capacity of 100,000 bbls), Tank Farms (3x 300,000 barrels), Power Generation, over 700km of Pipelines (import and export), Water Treatment Plants, Gas Vapour Recovery Units, Offloading Terminals, Accommodation infrastructure, etc.


We have also operated in Oman, Egypt, Ecuador, East Mediterranean and Portugal to name but a few of the many Projects that have been successfully completed by FCS Group, including one major Project who, following our introduction, saw its completion date and start up brought forward by 7 months in order to help recover lost time through other delays in the Project.



FCS Group is committed to supporting the Energy Transition and actively pursuing contracts in the Renewable Energy, Nuclear and Bio Energy sector, with FCS Group recently being awarded the role of Principal Contractor for a multi asset Bio Energy Company, supporting the Outage and TAR Strategy, Development Plan and end-to-end support throughout the Project Life Cycle.

Energy Transition


With many operating assets coming towards the End-of-Life, and the responsibility for Operators to Decommission and remove the Assets, Decommissioning is one of the biggest challenges facing the Industry. FCS Group, in collaboration with our strategic partners in Heavy Lift, Plugging and Abandonment and Marine Spread,  we offer end to end Engineering, Preparation, Removal and Disposal (EPRD) support, ranging from but not limited to, Shutdown, Making Facilities Safe, Equipment Handling, Conductor Removal, Heavy Lift, Transportation, to Shore-side Demolition and Recycling.



FCS Group has strategic partnerships in place to support all activities from Project Selection, Concept, FEED, and Detailed Design, Fabrication / Yard review and selection, Procurement, Construction, Completions, Transportation and Installation, Hook up and Commissioning. 

The services offered are under the FCS Group umbrella, however through careful selection and our robust AVL process, FCS Group and partners provide combined capabilities for full EPC delivery.

EPC Offering


FCS Group offer a range of Industrial Rope Access Services and operate in several Industrial Sectors globally carried out by seasoned experienced professionals. FCS Group will maintain the highest standards for Safety, Quality and working practices for Working at Height, which bolster our work ethic throughout our organisation.


  • All types of Assembly, Installation, Repairs and Modifications

  • Rigging & Lifting

  • Mechanical

  • Drops Object Surveys

  • Repair Order Campaigns

  • On Site Fabrication

Rope Access
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