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Date 03rd October 2014

FCS are pleased to announce the availability of an advanced Electronic Commissioning and Completions Management Tool, applicable to all Projects, small or large, Greenfield or Brownfield, documenting and directing the Mechanical Completion, Operational Functionality and Handover to the End-user.


In a single integrated tool, your Project Team is able to incorporate and track all available information from the very early Engineering stage to the final Client Handover.

  • It creates a verifiable and auditable workflow, enabling Project acceleration and providing Schedule, Quality and Cost Control.

  • It provides access to dashboard, reports, technical data and documentation that will satisfy the whole Project Team from management to operator.

  • It is a single integrated database application, fast, reliable and developed with standard proven technologies.

  • It provides a central completions project repository accessible from everywhere at any time.


This Electronic Commissioning and Completions Management Tool is a powerful tool that supports the decision making of key persons of the Project by:

  • Improving the resource management

  • Interfacing and providing input to the Project Planning helping manage the Project Schedule.

  • Managing complex Projects by clearly defining the Project Completions Scope.

  • Providing evidence to Owners and Regulatory Agencies that guidelines and procedures across the Project have been implemented and followed.

  • Managing the activities performed by Sub-contractors and Vendors


It is highly customizable by the client and can work with multiple users at the same time.


Please email us at for further information, or to discuss Project support options including the supply of Project and Completions Specialists, and licencing of the Electronic Commissioning and Completions Management Tool, with relevant training.

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