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Date 06th November 2015

First Turnaround Services Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Commissioning Services Ltd, with over 20 years’ providing specialist Project, Engineering, Construction and Completions support in the Oil and Gas sector.


Through extensive review we identified a great synergy between Completions and Turnaround project support. We have discovered a significant opportunity to provide efficient Turnaround (T/A) optimisation of schedule and scope of work that can deliver vast savings for our clients and reduced Shutdown duration.


Our Aim:

  • To provide our clients with accurate and predictable T/A events, based on case studies and over 200 major asset events experience which result in:

    • Reposition the T/A facility to First Quartile performance

    • Reduce T/A scope and costs by up to 50%

    • Reduce Shutdown time by up to 40%

    • Increase annualised production availability

    • Reposition the T/A frequency to a safe and sustainable schedule whilst maximising intervals


FTS aims to provide our clients with the following:

  • Flexible to support our clients’ requirements:

    • Consultancy services

    • T/A capability assessment

    • Assurance, preparedness and predictability reviews

    • Scope optimisation

    • Strategy development

    • Support with T/A process, process enhancement, change implementation

    • Tailored consultancy services including support in management of preparations and execution

    • Training and Workshops to support nationalisation development of internal T/A departments to enhance in country know how and sustainability

    • All tools and supporting software for T/A, schedule optimisation, scope optimisation, preventative maintenance database,


  • Optimised and Predictable

    • The FTS model enables optimal preparation and assesses predictability during stages of preparation

    • The Focus is on positioning the T/A for success



FTS Turnarounds are focused on “Accuracy” and “Precision”


“Accuracy” - hitting the target, Predictability

“Precision” - ensuring the target is the optimal target, Optimised

  • Our core principles

    • Safety is paramount with relentless focus on risk reduction, costs and maximizing value

    • Lead and deliver through our values

    • Build our clients enduring capability

    • Energize the people to work as one team for Turnaround excellence

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